Above is a pic of Lt. Colonel James Galbraith, Regimental Colour in hand, alongside Bobbie the regimental dog and some of the other "Last Eleven" survivors of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, making their last stand in one of the walled gardens just South of Khig village, a few miles West of the Afghan town of Maiwand.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Taking a break from my seemingly-endless micro-surgery on 28mm patients, I happened across a few pics from the epic game we played on July 27th -- the 130th Anniversary of the Battle of Maiwand -- showing the surviving guns racing back across Mundabad Ravine, along with some wounded, as well as Brigadier General Burrows, the Brigade Commander (the mounted officer with a white pugaree around his helmet and pair of binoculars in one hand). Somehow these didn't make it up onto this blog with all the rest, but I think they deserve to be seen. So here they are...

(CLICK on an image to blow it up to full-size)


  1. Retreat Hell! They Are Just Attacking in Another Direction!

    The Set up Looks Fantastic!

    Jimmy G.

  2. Hi, Jimmy,

    Great to hear from you, my friend, and wonderful to know you stopped by to check out this blog! Please give all our best to John, your dad and Joey. If possible, keep the comments coming -- "Maiwand Day" appreciates your presence!

    Best wishes,

    Ethan & family

    PS Hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. The lighting in these images give them an almost real quality. Very nicely done!

  4. Thanks very much for noticing, Furt, and for leaving your comment!