Above is a pic of Lt. Colonel James Galbraith, Regimental Colour in hand, alongside Bobbie the regimental dog and some of the other "Last Eleven" survivors of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, making their last stand in one of the walled gardens just South of Khig village, a few miles West of the Afghan town of Maiwand.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Building a 2-contour HILL from 1.5" foam, wood filler, ballast & pebbles

Bad news: I just spent a couple hours loading up close to a hundred pics showing the process of building my new hill -- but unfortunately Blogger experienced a problem and this page I was working on lost them all. Needless to say, this kind of sucks, and after a very long day and night, I sadly can't summon the fortitude to go back and reload all those pics right now. If I'm very lucky maybe I can manage do it tomorrow night. But before I lost all that work, I had loaded up the handful of pics below, showing the very start of the process, which remained saved...

...and now for the good news: even though I didn't have the stick-to-it-tiveness to go back and reload all those myriad work-in-progress pics, I forced myself to put up a handful of pics showing the finished HILL, some of them with some figures added, as seen here:

As soon as I can manage it, I will repost all those other pics that fit in between the ones on top and on bottom. I'm very happy with how the hill turned out, and I want to share as much info as possible on how I built it.


  1. Very nice hill and sorry to hear about the loss of a more in-depth tutorial.
    Can I ask what mixture you use on the sides of the hills?

  2. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your sympathy regarding all those pics I had posted which did not make it onto the blog!

    The material I used to coat the sides and texture much of the surface of the hill is ELMER'S WOOD FILLER. Sad to say there were lots of pictures of it amongst those which were lost! I use it straight out of the container, and only occasionally water it down. It dries to a very hard and in my experience, resilient surface, able to withstand the rigors of gaming.

  3. Dear Frank,

    Happy to report I pulled myself up by my blog-straps and re-loaded all those pics, to a new post. You will probably see them there, but just in case you didn't, I wanted to let you know here -- and there are several pictures of the WOOD FILLER in action, so to speak.