Above is a pic of Lt. Colonel James Galbraith, Regimental Colour in hand, alongside Bobbie the regimental dog and some of the other "Last Eleven" survivors of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, making their last stand in one of the walled gardens just South of Khig village, a few miles West of the Afghan town of Maiwand.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kabul Gate completed...

Slammed with work but just enough time to post a few pics of the completed Kohistan Gate for Kabul.  Nothing fancy but I think it blends in pretty well with the pre-existing set of generic fortress walls, certainly a much better fit than the Medieval European version I was using as a placeholder...

FEB. 4TH, 2016 - ADDING SOME PICS of the handful of terrain pieces I was happy to complete just in time for the first play-test of "Bala Hissar or Bust" scenario...


  1. Lovely stuff Guru. Very nice work on that gate.

    I don't know if you are familiar with Lt. Thomas Rice Henn, who led the "last eleven", but I have put a note up regarding him in my blog. joyandforgetfulness.blogspot.ie, which may interest you.

  2. Fantastic work. I just wish I could move the family a little closer so we could use our collections for some great games. Always an inspiration to see your post.

  3. A great one, something that has to stand on a "diorama".