Above is a pic of Lt. Colonel James Galbraith, Regimental Colour in hand, alongside Bobbie the regimental dog and some of the other "Last Eleven" survivors of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, making their last stand in one of the walled gardens just South of Khig village, a few miles West of the Afghan town of Maiwand.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

100th FOLLOWER (...plus a few more)

***Thanks to Eric The Shed (of "Shed Wars" fame) for signing on to be the 100th follower of Maiwand Day a few days ago!***

That's the entirety of the reason for this post, to celebrate reaching the "three figures" worth of followers mark, but to make it worth your visit, I am posting some pics of the final stages of construction and painting of the Big Hill, and the hill laid out on the table, with and without troops...

(NOTE: as visible in some of the above pics, the material used to "mortar" the hill together, fill gaps between wood-chips, and add protection & texture to the bare styrofoam is my ubiquitous Elmer's Wood Filler.)

NEXT UP:  making some very simple and easy -- but still good looking -- single contour low sandy hills (like the ones at Charasiab) to link the rocky heights with the arid ground cover...


  1. Amazing as usual Guru!! That mount is a MONSTER - how much does it weigh!?!? Looking forward to the low hills as I have wanted to undertake some of them for some time.


  2. Hi, Frank, great to see you out and about!

    Re: weight, it's actually not very heavy at all, which is one of the nice things about these MDF, styrofoam, & wood-chip hills. My guess would be 5lbs. but I'll try to find out for real and report back at some point!

    The simple low hills are turning out nicely and are in fact VERY SIMPLE TO CONSTRUCT, which is a very nice feature indeed! Hope to have a post up about them some day soon...

  3. Your hills and mountains are amazing excellent stuff

    Thank you

  4. Thanks, Phil, and thank you -- and you are very welcome -- Vinnie! It's great to read positive feedback like that from both you gentlemen. I'm still at work trying to finish up 6 single-contour low hills for the "Charasiab" battlefield. All six are built and puttied, but they're still in the process of having sand and pebbles glued onto their tops, and then being painted to match the ground cover. I hope to have them all done and put a post up about building them, before the end of this month/year. Please wish me luck, because I know I will need it...

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