Above is a pic of Lt. Colonel James Galbraith, Regimental Colour in hand, alongside Bobbie the regimental dog and some of the other "Last Eleven" survivors of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment, making their last stand in one of the walled gardens just South of Khig village, a few miles West of the Afghan town of Maiwand.

Sunday, December 15, 2013



by Major E.A.P. Hobday, RA

This is the name of a rather remarkable book, first published in 1898.  What makes it remarkable is the fact that it's filled with about 50 line drawing sketches made by the author, an officer of the Royal Artillery who was on service as a staff officer throughout the campaigns in question, and who was also a rather talented artist.

I learned of the book's existance when a link to it was posted on the North-West Frontier Wargaming Yahoo Group, by fellow miniature wargamer Roger Williams.  At that time, I posted a message to the Group thanking Roger for having shared the link to the free online digital edition of the book with all its sketches, but I'm happy now for the chance to do so again: THANK YOU, ROGER!!!

Here, for anyone interested, is a direct link to the "Internet Archive" edition of the book:

The sketches show a variety of Frontier terrain, local dwellings, ancient ruins, and Anglo-Indian encampments, as well as troops on the march, and in action, including a heliograph team, and several artillery crews.

And finally here is a brief sampling of the sketches themselves:


  1. That is a wonderful resource, great for terrain building ideas, thank you for sharing.

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