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Monday, July 1, 2019


Just in case any UK-based readers of this blog are interested, Season 2 of KNIGHTFALLpremieres this coming Tuesday, July 2ndat 9pm on HISTORY UK.

LINK to the History UK website’s “KnightFall” page:

As mentioned in previous posts, it’s a bit grittier than Season 1, with more focus on the daily lives of the Templar Brothers themselves, and more attention paid to their religious/spiritual beliefs and practices.

The story picks up right where the prior season ended, but even if you did not watch that at all, I believe you can still enjoy Season Two to its fullest, as it tells a self-contained story with its own beginning, middle, and end, centered on the growing conflict between the Templars and the French monarchy, with new characters added on both sides.

It’s not a docudrama, and definitely takes liberties with various details of the early 14thCentury historical record, but it tries to reflect the period and to accurately portray the dynamics which led to the downfall of the Temple in France.

Having come aboard to serve as an Executive Producer and Writer on this new season, I’m definitely not an objective judge -- but all writing and producing aside, it can objectively say it features some excellent performances and production design.

On the Medieval History front, some highlights of Season Two include: Templar Initiate training; Luciferian heretics; lo sschiaffo di Anagni(“The Anagni slap”); the Leper Knights of Saint Lazarus; a decent-sized siege; and l’affaire de la tour de Nesle (“the Tower of Nesle affair”).

If you choose to watch, I hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Well done and you must be really proud to be part of this Ethan.
    I watched the first season on Netflix and really enjoyed it, so very much looking forward to this.

  2. Ethan, I watched all of season 2 and loved it. Very exciting!!!! As Pat says you and your partner must be very proud of yourselves, deservedly so. I'm proud of you as well my friend.
    Sgt G

  3. Ethan,

    Is this the season that ran on the US History channel… Whoa… you left out a lot of stuff. I especially loved your memorable scene when the Templars did battle with the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog where they used the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

    You know as put down in the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9–21.

    ...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O LORD, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."

    Or in Latin I think it starts as “Quicumque vult salvus esse, ante omnia opus est…”

    I cannot remember the rest as I am getting up there in years, but in any case it was a great season, and I urge all who have not seen it to do so. Take care Ethan my best to Cy and of course your entire family.



  4. JIMMY G. MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER BROOKLYN MOTHER!!! I have solved my Blogger problem and am again able to reply to comments here on my own blog! Your above post, posted near to a full YEAR ago, was quite HILARIOUS and the combination of comedy and joy from seeing you pop up here as a poster put a BIG HAPPY GRIN on my face at the time, so big I still remember it! Like Fast Eddie in Martin Scorsese's arguably over-rated sequel "The Color of Money"... I'M BACK BABY!